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Ceramic Coatings

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  1. Wowo's Ceramic Booster
    Wowo's Ceramic Booster
    €24.43 €20.19 Retail price €33.87
  2. Optimum Gloss-Coat
    Optimum Gloss-Coat
    €67.61 €55.88 Retail price €85.90 As low as €66.26
  3. MIPA PROTect Ultra 9H - Ceramic Coating
    MIPA PROTect Ultra 9H - Ceramic Coating
    €24.10 €19.92 Retail price €26.79
  4. MIPA PROTect Easy Clean - Coating
    MIPA PROTect Easy Clean - Coating
    €28.88 €23.87 Retail price €32.10
  5. Wowo's Hydro Bead
    Wowo's Hydro Bead
    €18.45 €15.25 Retail price €25.40
  6. MIPA PROTect Raincoat - Car Windscreen Coating
    MIPA PROTect Raincoat - Car Windscreen Coating
    €24.10 €19.92 Retail price €26.79
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Nano Coating

Ceramic coatings are the latest and greatest way to provide paint protection for your car. A paint coating provides long-term protection against scratches, UV rays, salt and bird droppings. Nano-coating, also known as a ceramic coating is the process of applying a surface layer that repels dry particles, water, oil and dirt. They can be found in both liquid and solid form and provide characteristics that are favourable.

Optimum Gloss-Coat

Optimum Gloss-Coat is an additional barrier between the elements and your vehicle's paint. The paint will retain its color and contaminants will be blocked out to keep the paint smooth and clean. Unlike waxes and paint sealants that require frequent reapplication, Optimum Gloss-Coat provides constant, unyielding protection for up to two years! Because Optimum Gloss-Coat is semi-permanent, the paint finish has to be properly prepared before applying it. Any blemishes or contamination on the paint will be locked in so remove them first! On a properly prepared paint finish, Optimum Gloss-Coat will look clear, smooth, and clean.

How do I apply the gloss coat?

  1. Polish paint with Optimum Hyper Polishing system to remove any defects.
  2. Clean surface with Paint Prep to remove all polishing oils, waxes, and silicones.
  3. Prime the applicator by making an X pattern across the pad. Only a few drops will be needed for each subsequent panel.
  4. Wipe Optimum Gloss-Coat onto a single panel at a time in a thin layer using two directions, in a circular or front to back direction.
  5. Within 5 minutes, inspect the panel with adequate lighting looking for any thick areas that have not flashed away to clear.
  6. Use The Rag Company The Pearl Microfiber Cloth to even out any areas where you see streaks. This step is key, as any spots not leveled will have to be polished if allowed to cure. Panels will feel a bit tacky and will be self-leveling during cure time, so avoid any unnecessary touching, wiping, or contact to produce the best results.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each panel where application is desired.
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