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Car Paint Protection

The routine of paint protection starts with washing, cleaning and polishing your car or vehicle. Afterwards, it's time to add the icing on the cake with high quality quick detailers, (spray) waxes, sealants or coatings. These car paint protection products are designed to protect paintwork against damaging UV protection and fallout. Futhermore, using paint protection products make it easier to clean your car, whilst at the same time offering that high gloss shine. Browse through the car care categories above. You’ll find an outstanding selection of auto detailing products from Meguiar's, P&S, Optimum Car Care, Wowo's, Angelwax, Autoglym, and many other fine car care companies.

Paint Protection Products

You can use different car care products to protect your paintwork. Think of a car wax, spray wax, quick detailer, paint protect or nano coating. we see shiny paint, gleaming wheels and sparkling trim. What makes detailing enjoyable is achieving incredible results, and CROP gives you the products and detailing tips to do just that. Not only do they give car paint extra 'beading', but a protective layer also repels dirt!

Quick Detailers and Spray Waxes

These guys are great to have around and are great for giving your car that last minute touch up! Some call them spray waxes, other call them quick detailers (QD's). Applying a spray wax or quick detailer is probably the easiest and quickest visual improvement on your car. Perfect if you are in a hurry; add only a couple of minutes to the overall washing and drying time. Spray waxes can provide up to 6 weeks of hydrophobic protection. Benefits of spray waxes

  • Designed to maintain your car paint's protection in between regular waxing
  • Smooth feel with a deep gloss to match
  • For deeper, darker and more reflective surfaces in minimum time