CarPro MultiX APC 4000ml

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Product information

CarPro Multi X All Purpose Cleaner

CarPro MultiX is the best all purpose cleaner for light and heavy soiling. The powerful all purpose cleaner saves you a lot of money because of its high concentration ratios and can be used for almost any surface. This eliminates the need to buy a separate cleaner for each surface.

Highly concentrated all purpose cleaner

These days there are so many different types of surfaces and contaminants that cars are exposed to. As detailers, we often tend to spend an enormous amount of money on maintaining our car. So much so that we often have too many bottles in the garage. It can be quite cumbersome to buy different products for paint, metal and any other surface you can think of. MultiX from CarPro can be used for cleaning interiors, exteriors, engine compartments, glass, plastics and much more.

Carpet cleaner car

Car carpet cleaning might be a tricky job because carpet cleaners can damage the fibers or discolor the carpet. CarPro Multi X is still the right product to clean your car's carpet. The mixing ratio is very suitable as carpet cleaner for car because the dilution is still very effective against soiling.

How do I use CarPro APC all-purpose cleaner?

Clean your car yourself with CarPro MultiX. The all-purpose cleaner keeps all your cleaners in one bottle! Use the steps below.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Dilute MultiX APC according to the correct mixing ratio and pour into a spray pump.
  3. Do not use in direct sunlight.
  4. Spray on the surface from a distance of 20 cm and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth.

Mixing ratios:

General cleaning: 1:20
Tires/Rims: 1:10
Pressure washer: 1:100
Interior: 1:20 ~ 1:30
Engine compartment: undiluted ~ 1:20
Cleaning polishing pads: 1:10 ~ 1:20
Pre-wash: 1:1 ~ 1:20

Characteristics CarPro MultiX All Purpose Cleaner

  • All purpose cleaner for light and heavy soiling
  • Saves a lot of money
  • Highly concentrated
  • Suitable for different types of surfaces
  • High pH value
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Pros and cons

  • Economical in use
  • High pH value (alkaline)
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Existing wax and sealant coats cannot withstand the vigorous cleaning


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