What's a compressor and how does it work?

Do you want to work with pneumatic air tools? Then you need at least a compressor! But what is a compressor and how does it work? In our blog we explain what a compressor does, how it works and how best to use a compressor.

What is a compressor?

A compressor is a device that produces compressed air to work with pneumatic tools. In a compressor, compressed air is the source of energy to run the tool or a machine. In a compressor, air is compressed and comes under pressure. This is why it is also called compressed air. Thanks to its built-in motor, the compressor pump begins to draw in air and then pumps it to the boiler where the pressurized compressed air is stored for your pneumatic tools or machines.

Types of compressors

There are lots of types of compressors. From a mini compressor with a small air receiver for home use to a large air compressor with freeze dryer for Heavy Duty tools and industrial use. In addition to size, you also have the choice of a mobile compressor on wheels, a portable compressor or a stationary model that you set down. Within these types and models you choose from:

How to use compressor? Read this step-by-step plan!

How to use compressor read here! This step-by-step plan will help you use your compressor in the best way. In a few simple steps you will make your air compressor ready for use.

  1. Set the compressor down and make sure it is stable. This will prevent it from vibrating, falling over or producing unnecessary noise.
  2. Depending on the air compressor, connect it to 220/230V AC or 400V power.
  3. To use your air tools on the compressor, you need to connect the compressed air hose and fittings. Make sure you use the correct quick connectors, nipples and air hose.
  4. Now you can connect the pneumatic tool to compressed air from the compressor. Before you begin, it is important to adjust the correct compressed air pressure. This can be done using the pressure reducer.

What a compressor does

What a compressor does is make sure you can work with compressed air for your pneumatic tools. It depends on the type and kind of what a compressor does. The operation of a screw compressor is different and a reciprocating compressor. After all, the basic principle is the same: providing air as an energy source. By building up and compressing air, the compressor does this delivering it to the tool through a hose. Note, however, that a compressor does deliver its full working pressure. So adjusting the correct compressed air pressure via a pressure reducing valve is important!