Bigboi Electric FoamR - Electric Snow Foam Cannon

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Product information

Bigboi Electric FoamR

Bigboi Electric FoamR is an electric snow foam cannon to create a thick layer of snowfoam in just seconds. The latest lithium-ion battery technology automatically builds pressure so you don't have to pump yourself. The pressure sprayer comes with two nozzles. Thanks to the electric snow foamer, you no longer need a pressure washer to cover car paint with auto snow foam.

How does the electric snow foam cannon work?

Electric FoamR from Bigboi is incredibly easy to use, allowing you to cover your car with a thick layer of snowfoam or car shampoo. Pour some snow foam into the Bigboi pressure sprayer and add the amount of water as desired. Pumping is automatic and spray the foam on your car after which car paint gets a great pre-wash before car washing.

How is the snow foamer delivered?

Bigboi's hand foamer comes with the products below.

  1. Bigboi Electric FoamR
  2. Foam nozzle
  3. Sprayer nozzle
  4. Gasket
  5. USB charging cable

Technical data

  • Large 1.8 liter capacity
  • 2500 mAh lithium battery
  • Working time: 60 minutes
  • Foam & Spray option
  • Charging time: 5V 2A adapter: 2.4 hours - 5V 1A adapter: 5.5 hours
  • Fully electric eliminating the need for pumping
  • LED charging indicator

Features Bigboi Electric FoamR

  • Electric
  • For a thick snowfoam
  • Not suitable for highly corrosive substances
  • Warranty does not apply to improper use of chemicals
Full product information

Pros and cons

  • Fully electric
  • Thick snowfoam
  • Powerful battery
  • Not suitable for spraying acids, flammable or explosive liquids


SKU 104347
Brand BigBoi
Contents 1,8 liter
EAN 9348166195644
Acid resistant No
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