Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon spray can 400ml

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Product information

Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon spray can

Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon aerosol can is a high-coverage paint that dries to a silky gloss. The Montana spray can Salmon with color number G8070 contains fast-drying paint and is resistant to various weather conditions. This Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon spray is ideal for decorative, artwork, DIY and graffiti jobs.

Montana graffiti spray Salmon

Montana graffiti spray Salmon from the GOLD series is packaged in a low pressure spray. Because the Montana GOLD aerosol can is a low pressure spray, you can spray the graffiti paint very controlled with optimal control over the result. This Montana GOLD Salmon G8070 aerosol paint dries silky smooth and fast, even in cold temperatures. Thanks to the special anti-drip formula, you avoid sags!

How to use Montana GOLD aerosol spray paint?

The Montana GOLD aerosol can is incredibly easy for anyone to use. With the steps below, you will use the Montana GOLD spray the right way.

  1. Remove the spray cap from the can.
  2. Remove the safety ring from under the spray cap.
  3. Shake spray can well for 3 minutes before use.
  4. Place the spray cap back on the spray can.
  5. Spray several thin layers until the desired coverage is achieved. Keep a distance of 30 cm from the surface.
  6. Finished spraying? Turn the spray over and clean the cap until only propellant comes out.

Features Montana GOLD G8070 Salmon

  • Hard wearing paint
  • Paint dries silk gloss
  • Nitro-combi paint
  • Paint is resistant to weather and wind
  • Fast drying
  • Low pressure spray can
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SKU 285417
Brand Montana
Paint component 1K (1-component)
Montana colour Salmon - G8070
EAN 4048500285417
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