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SprayPlast is a special paint that can also be removed after application. Plasti spray is therefore also called a removable paint. Because you spray SprayPlast yourself and the paint is removable, the paint is the alternative to a carwrap. This allows you to use plasti spray dip to dip car parts, parts of a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or other surfaces that you want to temporarily paint in a different color. At CROP you have a wide choice of all SprayPlast colors in high gloss and matte.

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What is plasti dip?

Plasti dip is a paint that is removable. The paint in a plasti dip spray is a film similar to a rubber coating. However, due to its high quality, plastidip dries smooth and tight making it similar to real car paint. The advantage of plasti spray dip is that you can spray it yourself without needing special tools or a paint sprayer. Because of this, plasti dip is used as an alternative to car wrap film.

SprayPlast car

Car dip with a SprayPlast spray can? You can! With a plasti spray you can spray dip your car, rims, mirror cover, spoiler or other car parts yourself. SprayPlast on your car will stick well when you clean the paint well beforehand with a degreaser. It is also suitable to dip SprayPlast on rims to give the wheels of your car a new color.

SprayPlast colors

Do you want to dip SprayPlast yourself? Then you can choose from different colors of SprayPlast. It depends of course on how you want the part or surface to look. Plasti spray matt black is the most popular SprayPlast color. On Nonpaints.com you can choose from the SprayPlast colors below.

  • SprayPlast mat black
  • SprayPlast high gloss black
  • SprayPlast anthracite
  • SprayPlast white
  • SprayPlast blue
  • SprayPlast red
  • SprayPlast green
  • SprayPlast orange
  • SprayPlast yellow
  • SprayPlast transparent

SprayPlast spray can

SprayPlast spray can is a spray to dip your car or rims yourself. Thanks to the spray can SprayPlast is easy to spray in the color you want. At Nonpaints.com you can choose from different sprays with a special spray head that provides a finish that is smooth and sleek like original car paint. With this plasti spray dip you achieve high quality results so you can dip your car, scooter or motorcycle yourself. At CROP you can buy SprayPlast from the following brands:

  • MoTip SprayPlast - Removable Coating
  • Auto-K Liquid Gum

MoTip SprayPlast

MoTip SprayPlast is a dip plasti spray available in 10 colors. The MoTip Removable Coating spray can has a content of 500ml so you can dip a large surface with plasti spray. Thanks to the high quality, the MoTip SprayPlast spray can has a high coverage, the removable coating is fast drying and the spray can has a spray cap that can be rotated 360 degrees. The MoTip SprayPlast aerosol is a paint that you can easily remove! Do you want to buy the MoTip Removable Coating? At Nonpaints.com you have the choice of all colors in matte and high gloss.

How long does plasti dip last?

How long plasti dip stays on depends on how heavy the removable coating is used. Do you wash your rims or the car a lot? Do you use a lot of wheel cleaner or car shampoo? Do you often go through the car wash? Then plasti spray won't last as long. However, there are tips on how to make dip last. When you are going to spray SprayPlast, you need to degrease and prepare the surface well. If you use a good degreaser for this, plastidip will stay on longer. In addition, the number of layers of plasti spray are very important. Spray at least 4 to 5 layers of SprayPlast to achieve sufficient thickness. Then plasti dip will also stay longer!

Removing spray paint

Removing plasti spray paint is easy when you have sprayed enough layers. If you have applied too few and thin layers of plasti spray, the rubber coating will crack quickly making it difficult to remove. To remove SprayPlast easily, we recommend spraying a minimum of 5 layers. This ensures sufficient layer thickness so that afterwards you can easily remove the plastidip by pulling off the rubber coating.

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