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Cupboards & Linbins

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Cupboards & Linbins

If you have small items that are valuable and want to store securely, we have the solution for you! Cupboards can be used to store small parts, tools and equipment safely. CROP stocks an extensive range of bin cabinets, floor metal cupboards, engineering cabinets and drawers.

Cupboards with Linbins

All cabinets come complete with linbins and are the perfect addition to your garage, workshop, office or warehouse. Linbins are a secure and tidy solution to store small parts. Items can be securily locked away and neatly organised to efficiently find your items quickly and easily. Plastic containers are available in different colors for a unique design.


Linbins are the original open fronted small parts storage and components bin. Linbins are available in a large range of practical sizes and colours. Linbins can be stacked, used for stand-alone storage or mounted on a Louvre panel. Pick bins are available in different colours with reinforced ribs for a strong construction.

Steel Cabinets

Steel cupboards are manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of industrial use. If security is important our steel cabinets and linbins come with a sturdy locking mechanism. 

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