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Hex Keys

Hex Keys

Allen keys are hand tools found in any household or toolbox. Hex keys can be used to loosen or tighten hexagonal head fasteners. The most common types of hex keys are hexagon, hex-plus and ball end. Hexagon and torx keys are simple tools designed for turning their corresponding fasteners. Having both a hexagon and torx key close to hand at all times can ensure that you're not slowed down when you come across a fastener.

Hexagon key types

L shaped

This is the most common type of hex key that has the same size head on each end. The key can be used in either orientation. The shorter arm allows better access into restricted spaces, whereas the longer arm allows greater leverage and more torque.

T handle

A hex key with t handle has a more comfortable, ergonomic handle which makes it easier to use a higher amount of torque. Some t shaped hex keys have a secondary hex key integrated.


Straight hex keys are designed for better torque transfer and more in the mould of a screwdriver. 

Folding Hex

Folding hex keys are a handy way to keep differing Allen Key sizes all in one place.

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