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Injectie cleaner diesel

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Injection cleaner diesel

Diesel injection cleaner is an additive used as a fuel additive for diesel engines. Injection cleaner for diesel cars and trucks can be easily put into the diesel tank during refueling, after which the additive itself will clean the diesel block. Injection cleaner for diesel engines ensures optimal operation of the engine block and keeps it in good condition! At CROP you can choose from all diesel injection cleaners from 5in1 and MoTip!

What to use diesel injection cleaner for?

Using a diesel injection cleaner can have several reasons. Where you want to use the diesel injection cleaner for depends on yourself. Do you want to preventively clean and maintain the diesel engine? Or does the engine of your diesel car suffer from clogged injectors, loss of power, excessive oil consumption or difficulty starting? You can use diesel engine injection cleaner for the below complaints:

  • Injectors that are clogged
  • Loss of power and performance
  • Black smoke from exhaust
  • Irregular idling
  • High diesel consumption
  • High oil consumption

How to use diesel injection cleaner?

Diesel injection cleaner is a fuel additive that everyone can use in their diesel tank. It does not matter what type of diesel you fill up with or what diesel engine your car has. Follow the steps below to use diesel injection cleaner.

  1. Use the injection cleaner when the diesel tank is nearly empty.
  2. Spray the bottle into the fuel tank before refueling the car.
  3. 1 bottle is sufficient for a full tank.
  4. Injection cleaner sprayed empty in the diesel tank?
  5. Now refuel the car with diesel fuel.
  6. Done!

Advantages of a diesel injection cleaner

Using a diesel injection cleaner brings benefits. By preventively treating the diesel engine with an injection cleaner, you prevent high fuel consumption, increased wear and tear, and your car drives more quietly. For these reasons, it is important to regularly add injection cleaner to your diesel.

Buy diesel injection cleaner?

Want to buy diesel injection cleaner to treat and maintain your diesel's engine? At Nonpaints.com you have a wide selection of different cleaners for diesel engines. For every problem or defect, there is an additive that you can add to the diesel. This will clean the diesel and the engine block!

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