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Wagner paint sprayers

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  1. Wagner ProSpray 3.20 Spuitmachine
    Wagner ProSpray 3.20
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  2. Wagner SuperFinish 23 PRO SprayPack
    Wagner SuperFinish 23 PRO
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Wagner paint sprayers

Wagner paint sprayers are electric spray guns for spraying paint. A Wagner paint sprayer can also be used for airless spraying of wall paint, stain, latex paint and other types of paint. Because a Wagner paint sprayer runs on electricity, the spray gun is also called an Airless paint sprayer. At CROP, you can buy all Wagner paint sprayers with original warranty!

All airless paint sprayers from Wagner

At CROP, you can buy all Wagner paint sprayers. Every Wagner airless paint sprayer comes complete with accessories and a nozzle suitable for spraying any paint, varnish, stain or latex wall paint. The Wagner paint sprayer range consists of the following models:

  • Wagner W570 paint sprayer
  • Wagner W590 paint sprayer
  • Wagner W690 paint sprayer
  • Wagner W575 paint sprayer
  • Wagner Control Pro 350M spray pump
  • Wagner Control Pro 250M sprayer pump
  • Wagner Outdoor Paint sprayer
  • Wagner W100 airless spray gun
  • Wagner W150 airless spray gun
  • Wagner W450 airless spray gun
  • Wagner W180 exterior sprayer
  • Wagner W95 exterior sprayer
  • Wagner W890 sprayer
  • Wagner W950 sprayer
  • Wagner W990 sprayer

How does a Wagner paint sprayer work?

A Wagner paint sprayer runs on electricity and therefore does not need compressed air from a compressor. This makes it electric paint sprayer that can be used easily and anywhere. for spraying all types of paint and varnish. Wagner's airless paint sprayers can be used both indoors and outdoors. Where there is electricity, a Wagner airless paint sprayer can work!

Wagner paint sprayer cleaning

Wagner paint sprayer cleaning can be easy and quick. After each use, the Wagner paint sprayer should be cleaned so that it is clean for the next job. To clean a Wagner airless paint sprayer, follow the steps below.

  1. Clean the Wagner paint sprayer with thinner, water or special cleaning agent.
  2. Are you using water-based paint? Then clean the airless spray gun with water.
  3. Are you using thinner-based paint? Then clean the airless paint sprayer with thinner.
  4. Spray the last of the paint from the gun into a separate bucket.
  5. Do not disassemble the paint sprayer. Clogging of any paint residue can result from drying.
  6. The nozzle can be cleaned with a brush.

Buy a Wagner paint sprayer?

Would you like to buy a Wagner paint sprayer to spray airless paint and lacquer? At you have a wide choice from the entire range of Wagner paint sprayers. Do you need help finding the right airless paint sprayer? Then contact our product specialists; we will be happy to help you find the right paint spray gun for your paint job!