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Airless Spray Guns

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Airless Sprayers

When you've got a lot of painting to do, airless sprayers are a good call. By propelling paint using a pump and a hose, airless paint sprayers allow you to paint large surfaces quickly, efficiently and smoothly.

Advantages Airless Spray

  • Airless spraying is up to four times faster than brushing or rolling
  • Airless spray guns produce an even coat of car paint
  • Leaves a high quality finish
  • Can be used for a wide range of coating materials
  • Less material waste
  • Superior control and efficiency

Cons Airless Sprayer

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to using an airless sprayer. The main downside is overspray. Over spray can be managed by taking extra time covering and masking off every surface that you do not want paint to get on. The other downside of using an airless sprayer is the extra time it takes to clean up the spray gun and flush the paint from the hose and pump. 


The main draw of an airless paint sprayer is that it limits overspray and wasted car paint. However, just because airless paint sprayers cut down on overspray doesn’t mean that they eliminate it completely. You’ll still want to cover furniture and anything else that you want to protect from paint. You’ll also want to be careful where you’re pointing your sprayer. Because airless paint sprayers can apply a large amount of paint at once, it’s easy to get paint on something accidentally if you aren’t paying attention.

Choose the right sprayer tip

Selection of the correct tip is essential to maximize productivity, as the tip determines the fluid flow and the size of the spray pattern – the fan size. Using the right tip results in maximum control and minimum overspray, which means faster work and less paint usage, which ultimately means finishing the job quickly without wasting paint. 

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