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Marine Polishing Compounds

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Marine Boat Polishes

Marine/RV polish completely cleans fiberglass with a gel coat finish, removes contaminants, oxidation and old marine wax. Boat/RV polishing is the clarifying, exfoliating step that best prepares gel coat finish for protection. Marine polish should be used before marine wax, as it helps to restore gel coat finishes that has lost its shine due to oxidation. We stock a huge range of dedicated boat polish & compounds in many different levels of cut, designed to correct your gel coat finish and bring back that new boat/RV finish. Boat polish helps to eliminate

  • Surface scratches
  • Swirls
  • Oxidation
  • Dirt
  • Minor imperfections

Pro's Boat/RV Polish

As any boat/RV enthusiast will know, maintaining the quality and finish of your gel coat finish is absolutely vital. Below we outline all the pro's you need to know about marine polish.

  • Buffing, filling and smoothing properties of marine polish help even the fibreglass on your boat
  • A well-maintained glossy gel coat finish can improve the resale value
  • Removes small, shallow scratches
  • Thorough polishing makes stubborn spots harder to see
  • Removes paint defects like uneven coating and swirl marks
  • Cuts down on the number of boat washes because less dirt adheres to the vehicle
  • Extends the life of your paintwork

Meguiar's Marine

Meguiar's Marine products will keep your boat as good-looking and maintained as your car! When your boat is constantly exposed to sun, water and wind, it will continually affect many surfaces of your boat. Unkeeping the condition of your boat requires special boat products and tools. Meguiar's Boat & RV will clean, protect, and perpetuate proper maintenance. Meguiar's Marine Line can be used on

  • Canvas
  • Vinyl
  • Plexiglass
  • Gelcoat
  • Fiberglass
  • Wooden surfaces

Meguiar’s Marine/RV Polish is designed for the special needs of boats and RVs, especially effective on dark colored boats.

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