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Polishing Cones & Balls

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Polishing Cones

Polishing cones are a unique design for polishing both paintwork and metals. Available in different grades of foam for simple attach to a regular drill. The conical shape of polishing cones make them perfect for polishing wheels, exhaust tips and other awkward areas. A polishing cone is a labour-saving cleaning and polishing tool. Use with any power drill to blast away dirt, tarnish, brake dust, and grease. It can be used with any of your favourite wheel cleaners, car soaps, wax, metal polish, paint compound, wheel coating, and more.

Polishing Wheels

Due to the different shapes, angles and curves in wheels, polishing wheels is a difficult task. Polishing cones are used in automotive wheel polishing for a brilliant shine. Easy to use, even if you've never used polishing cones.

Polishing Exhaust Tips

Exhaust tips can ruin the looks of a detailed car. Depending on the color of your car, exhaust tips may stand out being contaminated. Cleaning your exhaust tips will improve the look of your vehicle. The outside of an exhaust is easier to clean using a tar remover or fallout remover. However, the inside of an exhaust gives a difficult working area. A polishing cone works perfect as an extension on a cordless drill.

Wheel Polishing Ball

Clean and polish spoke wheels, boat railings and fiberglass surfaces, painted surfaces, and more! A polishing ball goes where polishing pads can't! Made from a soft flexible foam and ideal for cleaning wheels. Specially layered to ensure advanced heat dispersal. The round wheel polishing ball polishes between spokes and in concave spaces where flat polishing pads can't reach. The polishing ball is 360° of polishing power that erases oxidation and brake dust pitting on wheels. Polishing balls contain a durable rubber core, carbon steel hex shaft that prevents slippage and compatible with standard quick connect systems.

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