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Pressure Sprayers

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Pressure Sprayers

Chemical resistant pressure sprayers make detailing products easier to apply. Pressure sprayers provide a uniform and continuous spraying pattern. The best pressure sprayer can withstand a broad range of chemicals. A chemical resistant pressure sprayer can be used to apply

  • Wheel cleaners
  • Tire dressings
  • Degreasers
  • Concentrates
  • Engine cleaners
  • Spray waxes

Meguiar's Generic Spray Bottle

Meguiar's Generic Spray Bottle is a color-coded bottle that prevents cross-contamination of auto surfaces and detailing products. If you've ever grabbed engine degreaser thinking it was glass cleaner, you'll appreciate these clearly marked bottles!

iK Multi Pro Sprayer

iK Multi Pro Sprayer is a professional spray pump resistant to most acids and aggressive liquids! The sprayer contains FPM seals and has been specially developed for daily use in the professional automotive sector. Designed for professional use with the most aggressive chemicals in various sectors. Particularly resistant to acids with the highest performance in terms of safety and ease of use.

iK Sprayer Alkaline

iK Sprayer Alkaline is resistant to alkalis, ketone and alcohol. It has been specially developed for intensive and professional use in the automotive sector and pest control. The most suitable spray pump for alkaline, alcohol and acetone!

iK Foam Pro 12 Snow Foam

iK Foam Pro 12 with a capacity of no less than 8 liters creates a groundbreaking and satisfying experience while washing the car. Thanks to the precision and design you can generate the foam that suits you best! This cleaning sprayer is ideal for in the automotive industry. iK Foam Pro 12 can be used in combination with all car shampoos, Snow Foams and other cleaning agents. Thanks to the high-quality materials and FPM seals, this foam sprayer is resistant to all liquids. Use a Foaming Shampoo or Snowfoam for a maximum foam layer on the paint of your car!

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