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Polishing Cloths

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Polishing Cloths

At CROP we supply different types of cleaning cloths and industrial wiping rags, from throw away workshop rags to all round high quality multipurpose wipes. All these wipes are made of high-quality materials and can be used for a wide variety of cleaning jobs.

Terry Towel

Terry cloths are extremely soft and can be safely used on any kind of car paint. A terry towel can be used for drying, applying or buffing away a wax or polish.

White Cotton Polish Cloth

Supersoft polishing cloths are made from pure cotton hosiery designed for cleaning and polishing of any surface. Finished in perfect white each wipe has a lovely smooth, soft surface and they can be used for a variety of cleaning and polishing tasks. Known as cotton hosiery wipes or polishers.

Coloured Cotton Polishing Cloth

Very soft polishing cloths, made using high quality yarn. Popular in automotive, furniture polishing, glass cleaning, metal polishing, contract cleaning and many other cleaning / polishing tasks.

High Absorbency Cleaning Wipes

We sell super high absorbency wipes over-layered with an effective polymer web to give all the cleaning power of pumice without the scratching. Our cleaning cloths are strong and well-absorbing for optimally cleaning the surface. The cleaning cloths can be used with all types of thinners, degreasers and other types of liquids. The differences vary in the amount of layers, all of which are tear-proof and lint-free!

3M Perfect It Polishing Wipe 34568

3M Perfect-It Polishing Wipes are ideal to clean after compounding and polishing. The soft, non-linting disposable 3M Perfect-It Polishing Wipes will wipe away all compound / polish remainders to allow a perfect control of the polishing result.

  • Extremely soft
  • High absorbency
  • Tear resistant even when wet
  • Designed for use with 3M Professional Body Shop Compounds and Polishes
  • Static free
  • Low linting fibres
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