Heating the garage during cold days. Read our tips!

During winter months and on cold days, you want your workspace to stay warm so that the temperature is comfortable for working, tinkering, or pursuing hobbies. Heating your garage is a necessity to ensure comfort in the workshop, allowing you to continue performing high-quality work and stay productive. In our blog, you can learn how to effectively heat your garage and discover the best workshop heaters for the job.

If you want to quickly heat your garage and maintain it at room temperature, you'll need a workshop heater. There are various types of electric heaters and heating options for your garage that operate on electricity. From electric workshop heaters at 230 volts to heavier heaters running on 400-volt three-phase power. Additionally, the power of the garage heater is crucial. The larger your workshop, the more power your heater needs to blow warm air into the garage. The workshop heaters most commonly used in garages are:

  • Fan Heater
  • Infrared Heating
  • Ceramic Heater

Fan Heater

A fan heater is a garage heater equipped with a fan that circulates warm air. The stainless steel or ceramic element in the fan heater warms up to the temperature you desire. Often, a fan heater is equipped with a thermostat that can be set to different levels to achieve the desired temperature and airspeed. A portable electric workshop heater with a fan allows you to place the heater anywhere in your garage. Due to the availability of fan heaters in small and large sizes, they are also commonly used to heat industrial spaces. The most commonly used fan heaters for workshops are:

  • 2000 Watt Fan Heater for spaces up to 75m³
  • 3000 Watt Fan Heater for spaces up to 120m³
  • 5000 Watt Fan Heater for spaces up to 200m³
  • 9000 Watt Fan Heater for spaces up to 350m³

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is used in workshops when the movement of warm air is not desirable. In a garage where you are spraying automotive or clear coat, you want a warm temperature without moving air or dust. By using infrared heating in your workshop, you can enjoy room temperature without blowing warm air. A workshop infrared heater is energy-efficient and easy to use.

Ceramic Heater

A ceramic heater is a heating device that operates with a ceramic element. The advantage of a ceramic workshop heater is that it heats up very quickly and is energy-efficient. Additionally, this garage heater has overheat protection to prevent the unit from becoming too hot.