RUPES AK200A Ponceuse planétaire avec extraction de poussière 200mm

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Informations sur le produit

RUPES AK200A Sander is a strong 200mm eccentric sander with gearing and is therefore ideal for sanding or preparatory sanding of the object when it comes to larger surfaces. The combination of rotating and planetary movement avoids the warm-up of the substrate.

The strength of the dust extraction is adjustable, so it remains immaculate, both using fine and coarse grit. The RUPES AK200A sander is equipped with a particularly robust pad for intensive use!

The RUPES AK200A Planetary Sander is applicable to:

  • Ideal for sanding large surfaces
  • Removing rust and oxidation spots
  • Suitable for working metal and wood with high hardness
  • Remove gel-coat vessels
  • Very fast bare sand

Features of the RUPES AK200A Sander:

  • Eccentric movement with forced rotation for maximum coverage capacity
  • Two-handed grip
  • Tools Start with rotary valve
  • Equipped with sanding pad 200mm
  • Optimal dust exhaust power
  • Speed control
  • Equipped with swivel connector for connection to extraction
  • Under Pressure regulator for the prevention of the "suction" effect of the pad on the surface
  • The special rotary motion with gears creates significant sanding performance and optimum finish
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Exécution Pneumatique
Vitesse - rpm 350 - 900 rpm
Diamètre 200mm
Course de ponçage 5mm
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