MONTANA Acrylic Paint Refill - 180ml

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Informations sur le produit

MONTANA acrylic paint refill is a high quality waterborne 180ml refill for acrylic marker and available in 24 vibrant matte colours that match corresponding colours in the MONTANA Gold aerosol series.

Each MONTANA refill is filled with highly pigmented paint. This is UV resistant, highly opaque, water-resistant, wear resistant, so the marker can be used on any surface, such as canvas, paper, wood, metal and even glass. Also perfect for airbrushing and in combination with brushes. The bottle is fitted with a measuring cap for easy cleaning and refilling without spilling.

The MONTANA acrylic paint refill is made of transparent plastic so the material level remains visible at all times. The solvent-free acrylic paint is ACMI approved and bears the AP mark of non-toxicity. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Some features of the MONTANA acrylic paint refill:

  • Dilute with water
  • High opacity
  • Fast drying
  • Available in 34 different colours
  • Base: waterborne paint
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SKU p4483
Fabricant Montana
Peinture 1K (1-composant)
Contenu 180ml
Emballage per stuk
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Bon produit, parfait pour l'aérographie
Très beau produit. Bonne qualité. Pas besoin de le diluer pour l'aérographe que j'utilise et puis il est aussi inaltérable avec beaucoup de pigments. Prix très compétitif compte tenu de la quantité.
Richard |
Traduit du Néerlandais
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