MONTANA Set de marqueurs acryliques 2mm Set B 12 pièces

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Informations sur le produit

MONTANA Acrylic Marker Set B 2mm contains Acryl Fine Markers 2mm in 12 shock colours. The MONTANA Acrylic Markers are packaged in a re-sealable clear plastic box for a quick overview and comfortable use. The MONTANA Acrylic Markers contain water-based acryl paint, rechargeable, interchangeable tips.

Each MONTANA Acrylic Marker is filled with highly pigmented paint. This is UV resistant, high coverage, waterproof, abrasion-resistant causing the marker to use on almost any surface, such as canvas, paper, wood, metal and even glass. Replacement tips and free refills so as to make sure that the markers are also easily rechargeable. The MONTANA Acrylic Marker is made of transparent plastic so the material level remains visible at all times.

The solvent-free Acryl Marker range is ACMI approved and carries the AP sign of non-toxicity. Ideal for both indoor use and outdoor use. Use the MONTANA Gold Varnish to seal your work.

Content of the MONTANA Acrylic Marker Set B:

  • Shock Yellow Light
  • Shock Orange Light
  • Shock Orange Dark
  • Shock Kent Blood Red
  • Shock Pink Light
  • Shock Blue Light
  • Shock Blue Dark
  • Shock Green Light
  • Shock Green Dark
  • Shock Brown Light
  • Shock Brown Dark
  • Gravel
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SKU 330469
Peinture 1K (1-composant)
Fabricant Montana
Contenu 12 stuks
Emballage per set
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