Filtre pour plafond 600G par m2

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Informations sur le produit

Ceiling Filter 600G is a high professional quality fine filter and is a progressively built up filter. This high-quality ceiling filter is equipped with specially selected non-breakable fibres. Gravimetric yield: 98%. The synthetic fibres are provided by means of a special technique of an adhesive. When the temperature changes tack remains optimal.

Some features of the 600G Ceiling Filter:

  • Class: F5
  • Amount of filter per m²: 600 grams
  • Start Resistance: 25 pa
  • Termination: 400 pa
  • Material thickness: 25mm

The ceiling Filter 600G comes to any desired size!

We don’t calculate cutting costs!

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LengthWidth Enable
Taille Iedere gewenste lengte en breedte
Fabricant Viledon
Emballage per stuk
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