AIRMEC CST1000SD Sound Absorbing Oil Lubricated Piston Compressor - 1050 ltr/min, 10 hp

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Informations sur le produit

The AIRMEC CST1000SD is an extremely silent and silenced 400/700V oil lubricated piston compressor which is taxed at a very low speed and is built into a solid sound attenuated enclosure. Suitable for pressures up to 11 bar and a 11 hp engine.

The AIRMEC CST1000SD compressor can be placed in your work environment without the noise level 68 dB (A) is experienced as disturbing. The ideal combination of an extremely low speed (1000 rpm) and a star-delta connection, you are assured of an excellent cooling and durability. This results in very high reliability and unmatched durability. Due to the combination of the low speed and oversized cooling capacity performs the compressor also in the most extreme situations optimal. The low speed and high quality components such as switching elements, electric motor result in a very low power consumption and a perfect air quality.

Optionally, this compressor can be provided with a vertical tank of 500 litres.

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SKU 563200074
Puissance du moteur - ch 10
Vitesse - rpm 1000 rpm
Tension 400 Volt
Max. pression 11 Bar
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