Kit de démarrage pour réparation de plastique WPT WP6200

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Informations sur le produit

WPT Plastic Repair Starter kit WP6200 is a unique 2-component polyurethane system that allows a broad range of plastic repairs can be performed. WPT-Mix has as a special feature that cures rapidly, even when it is applied thinly.

Another advantage of the WPT-Mix is its durability. If the cartridges are sealed, still good after use can be handled much. Still look good even two years after the first use

Finally, it is also important that with only one type of WPT-Mix all servicing of plastics can be carried out. Thus, it is no longer necessary to keep a wide range of patterns on stock.

There are three different drying rates of the WPT-Mix:

  • WPT-Mix 100: drying 1.5 minutes, 50 ml
  • WPT-Mix 200: drying 3.5 minutes, 50 ml. and 220 ml.
  • WPT-Mix 600: drying time 10 minutes, 220 ml.

Some characteristics of the WPT Plastic Repair WPT-Mix Starter Kit WP6200:

  • WPT-Mix program also includes a series of accessories: mixing gun, static mixer tips, plastic primer, reinforcing fabric cover foil and plastic cleaner
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • All products in the WPT Mix programs are also available separately.
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SKU WP6200
Fabricant WPT
Contenu 220ml.
Emballage per set
EAN 1234567891785
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