Meuleuse multiple RODAC RC380BC2 en mallette 100mm

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Informations sur le produit

RODAC RC380BC2 multi grinder to remove striping, lettering, rust, coatings and sealants. This pneumatic multi grinder is suitable for grinding bitches welds and making body parts blank.

This RODAC multi grinder is also suitable for working in hard to reach places, such as 90° angles.

The RODAC RC380BC2 comes complete including:

  • Pneumatic drive unit
  • Adapter system
  • 2 metal brushes (one coarse, one fine)
  • 1 rubber-pad for conventional paints
  • 1 rubber-pad for waterborne coatings
  • 5 black grinder- and clean discs

The RODAC RC380BC2 multi grinder comes with 2 years warranty.

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Exécution Pneumatique
Vitesse - rpm 3.500 rpm
Diamètre du disque 100mm
Consommation d'air 115 ltr./min.
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