Perceuse RODAC RC206ABC avec tête de perçage à tension rapide en mallette 10mm

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Informations sur le produit

RODAC RC206ABC drill machine with quick tension drill head is a very powerfull drill with a 10mm quick tension drill head and comes in a luxurious box with drill bit set. This pneumatic drill has an air consumption of 200 litres per minute and is performed both right- as left turned. This lightweight drill can also be used as a grinder and polisher.

This RODAC RC206ABC drill in case comes with a 2 year warranty!

Informations complètes sur le produit


Vitesse (rpm) 1 800,00 €
Consommation d'air (litres/min.) 200,00 €
Tête de forage 10mm
Tournant à gauche Oui
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