Private Safe ET-4

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Informations sur le produit

Private Safe ET-4 meets the requirements that the RDW and BOVAG set for companies in the vehicle industry, but is also suitable for private use.

The Private Safe ET-4 is a 72-liter safe with an easy operating convenience and provides optimum safety. This private safe is equipped with an electronic security lock that is completely self-set by you.

This Private Safe not only provides protection from burglary, but additionally also fire resistant properties. This dual function of the ET therefore offers extra security. The walls of the ET have a high fire-resistant isolation (according to DIN 4102). The 40 mm thick, double-walled door is equipped with a fire barrier, a 3-sided locking system and 25 mm thick tempered steel partitions. The ET-safes can be used free-standing, but also built-in in furniture. Fixation holes are present in the bottom (2) and rear wall (2).

Features of the Private Safe ET-4:

  • Double-walled (DIN4102 isolated)
  • Indicator value storage: € 5000,- SAFE 3
  • Freely adjustable electronic lock (VdS 1 cawi elcom 7205)
  • 3-sided locking systems
  • 25 mm partitions
  • 4 mm thick body, 6 mm thick door panel
  • Anchoring holes in bottom and rear wall (2+2)
Informations complètes sur le produit


SKU 081000525
Indication de rétention de valeur € 5.000,- SAFE 3
Taille intérieure 700 x 380 x 292mm
Taille extérieure 810 x 450 x 380mm
Poids 72 kg.
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