Nettoyeur de tuyaux COMET 15 mètres

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Informations sur le produit

COMET Sewer pipe cleaner is perfect for the sewer or a drain tube to unclog. Also gutters that no longer want to walk are so unclog with this snake.

  • Hose size: 15 meters
  • For unclog sewer
  • Also ideal for the gutter

Unclog with a drain cleaning snake:

A clogged sewer is very annoying, but not a problem for the pressure washers of COMET! Along with a drain cleaning hose runs the sewer again in no time.

The operation of the drain cleaning hose:

The drain cleaning hose is actual and long hose with a special tip. The nozzle of the hose to the hose behind which continues in the blockage through injection to that he is through.

A sewer unclog with a high pressure cleaner:

A sewer unclog with a pressure washer is actually super easy. Connect the hose to the pressure washer and insert the hose into the gutter, the sewer or a drain. Keep pushing the hose into it until he stopped by the blockage. Then squeeze some water in the hose until the hose really can no longer further. Then put a number of times recently with water pressure on the blockage. Do this until the hose is through the blockage and gone is the clogging!

This COMET 15 metre long Sewer pipe cleaner is suitable for the following COMET pressure washers:

  • KSM 1480 Gold Extra
  • Scout 90/150 Extra
  • KS 1700 Extra
  • Scout 90/150 Extra
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SKU 582060004
Type Accessoires
Taille 15 meter
Fabricant Comet
Emballage per stuk

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