COMET SC155 Tile Cleaner

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Informations sur le produit

The COMET SC155 is a high-quality surface cleaner. The most commonly application of a surface cleaner is to clean the patio and the factory floor. But you can also use it on a wall or garage door.

At the bottom of the COMET SC155 tile- and patio cleaner are two nozzles placed in the opposite direction. Due to the high pressure in the COMET SC155 creates a veritable tornado of water. The built-in propeller causes the COMET SC155 as a true hovercraft glides over the terrace. This makes cleaning easy and also light. Due to the large work surface that creates the cleaning job is done 5 times as fast and all that splash-free.

Features a handle, the COMET SC155 floor cleaner is also easy to operate against walls. And in addition, to attach the tile cleaner is an easy job. Basically, you want quickly and efficiently clean your patio or industrial building? Than you cannot do without the COMET SC155.

The COMET SC155 tile cleaner is suitable for the following COMET high pressure cleaners:

  • KSM 1480 Gold Extra
  • KS 1700 Extra
  • KS 16 Extra
  • KA 2800M 9/140m Excel
  • KA 3200M 12/130M Excel
  • KA 5000T 12/200T Excel
  • K Compact Mob 3.11m
  • K Compact Mob 5.13T

Download the special "COMET SPA" App for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

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Fabricant Comet
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