AIRMEC CFV203 Compresseur vertical à piston lubrifié à l'huile 385 ltr/min 3 hp

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Informations sur le produit

The AIRMEC CFV203 is a steady and robust two-cylinder compressor at 230/400 volts where the tank is placed vertically and therefore takes up little space. Due to its high yield, 200-liter boiler, industrial air filter and low speed of 850 rpm, this AIRMEC compressor is ideal for heavy work. Obviously the AIRMEC CFMV203 compressor is also great for tire inflation, blowing, paint spray and light maintenance work.

The stationary AIRMEC CFMV203 is a special oil lubricated piston compressor suitable for pressures up to 10 bar. It is a low speed model and thus produces an exceptionally low noise level. Applications of this compressor are varied. With an AIRMEC compressor you buy only quality

  • Professional and high-quality compressor
  • Vertical
  • Stationary, quiet and low-vibration
  • Low output temperature
  • Electric motor with high starting torque
  • Internal thermal protection
  • Large oil sump
  • Long life
  • High efficiency
  • Pressure regulator with gauge
  • 5 meters of cable
  • Industrial air
  • Made in Italy
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SKU 563102032
Puissance du moteur - ch 3
Vitesse - rpm 850 rpm
Tension 400 Volt
Max. pression 10 Bar
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