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Transmission Jacks

Transmission Jacks

A jacks transmission can be used for installing a new transmission or removing one on different types of vehicles. CROP stocks an extensive range of transmission jacks from different manufacturers. Selecting a transmission lift depends on the load you wish to lift. Transmission jacks are usually made of heavy-duty steel with easy roll casters on ball bearing. The saddle tilts for easy positioning of the transmission during repair.

Transmission Lift

A car lift can be easily used to raise the transmission of a car or vehicle.

  1. Position the transmission jack below the vehicle and connect the compressed air line to the air inlet valve of the car lift.
  2. Make sure to center the car lift so thatits arm extends up to the fluid pan of the transmission.
  3. Push it up slightly, so that its weight is taken off the bolts that secure it to the vehicle.
  4. Secure the transmission
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