Number blocks

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  1. Magnetic Numberblocks
    Magnetic Numberblocks
    €9.07 Retail price €16.95
  2. Roof sign with lightning symbol / 5 pieces
    Roof sign with lightning symbol / 5 pieces
    €60.95 Retail price €72.00
  3. Wallplate for 25 Numberblocks
    Wallplate for 25 Numberblocks
    €82.50 Retail price €125.00

3 Items

12 24

Magnetic number blocks ensure that you never have to look for cars or other vehicles in your workplace or parking. Our magnetic number blocks are provided with professional tough, durable and weather-resistant plastic. Also, the number blocks are provided with a scratch-proof rubber bottom so cars or other vehicles can not be damaged.

These magnetic blocks will be customized free for you. The magnetic number blocks can be numbered from 1 until 200 and are available in the colors yellow, red, orange, green, blue, white and black. This allows matching the number blocks your corporate identity!

Also available at CROP, the corresponding magnetic wallplate for number blocks! This keeps the number blocks neat, complete and clear.

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