High lift transmission jack

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  1. SONIC Transmission Jack 500kg - Quick lift
    SONIC Transmission Jack 500kg - Quick lift
    €338.00 Retail price €570.22 Incl. VAT €408.98
  2. RODAC RQTJ300A Versnellingsbakkrik 300kg
    RODAC RQTJR3003 High Lift Transmission Jack - 300kg
    €288.58 Retail price €513.00 Incl. VAT €349.18
  3. RODAC RQTJ750A Versnellingsbakkrik 750kg
    RODAC RQTJR7503 High Lift Transmission Jack - 750kg
    €442.74 Retail price €654.00 Incl. VAT €535.72
  4. RODAC TL733 Versnellingsbakkrik 300kg
    RODAC TL755N Transmission Jack - 500kg
    €200.46 Retail price €257.00 Incl. VAT €242.56
  5. RODAC RQTJ1200A Versnellingsbakkrik 1200kg
    RODAC RQTJR12003 High Lift Transmission Jack - 1200kg
    €549.90 Retail price €796.00 Incl. VAT €665.38
  6. RODAC RQTJX1000 Versnellingsbakkrik 1000kg
    RODAC RQTJX1000 Transmission Jack - 1000kg
    €962.56 Retail price €1,594.00 Incl. VAT €1,164.70

6 Items

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Gearbox lifters are an indispensable tool for assembling and disassembling the gearbox. These gearbox lifters are fitted with a foot pedal and have an extremely high load capacity.

These gearbox lifters are height adjustable and equipped with casters, so you can drive the gearbox lifter anywhere.

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