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Generators & Aggregates

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Generators & Aggregates

Generators are indispensable for generating electricity. Aggregates can be very useful when you have your own construction company and are regularly working on construction sites where there is no power available. CROP stocks an extensive range of powerful petrol generators that generate power through a combustion engine, so you can connect your equipment anywhere. Fuel consumption varies depending on the brand of generator, electrical capacity, weather conditions and generator fuel type.

Petrol (Gasoline) and Diesel Generators

The difference between a gasoline and diesel generator is the type of fuel they use. A petrol generator works on petrol, a diesel generator uses diesel. Diesel generators are more reliable in use than petrol aggregates, but are usually heavier and make more noise.

Gasoline Generators

An inverter is compact and lightweight. An aggregate with inverter doesn't have a heay fuel tank but obviously a shorter run time.

Diesel Gas Generators

A diesel generator isn't the most common fuel for aggregates. However, diesel is more efficient as a power source than gasoline. Diesel costs less to run and is safer.

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