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Thaw Grains with Built-in Thaw Accelerators in 10 litre Bucket



Thaw Grains with built-in thaw accelerators are ideal for fast, easy and environmentally friendly way to thaw snow and ice to remove. These thaw grains are of high quality and professional quality! Operates up to 6 times faster than salt: so less straw. Do not leave white bleached footprints on the carpet, linoleum, tile, etc., these cases do arise with salt! It is ideal for garden and park, walk for buildings and economical in use. Comes in a re-sealable 10-liter bucket.

Thaw Grains for a safe and ice-free passage for yourself and for your customers!

Thaw Grains with built-in thaw accelerators are ideal to thaw fast, simple, environmentally friendly snow and ice from various substrates and / or freezing-on dangerous accumulations of snow and ice accumulates to prevent (24 to 48 hours worked)!

These thaw grains are universally used, for example, sidewalks, driveways of (garage) companies, stairs, roads etc. Works quickly, reliable and economical without affect the environment. The road salt and de-icing pellets after drying leaves no white after rash and prevents white footsteps in your building or on your carpet.


This very active thaw grains work up to 6 times faster than conventional products (such as salt) and can be applied preventively. Saves costly labour and time in the removal of ice and snow.

No more annoyance:

Shoes that are not blooming as they dry, no white footprints in your building or on your carpet. Tiles and joints that stay beautiful!

Economical in use:

Usage can vary according to circumstances, and temperature, but normally 100 grams per m 2 is sufficient. So 1 bucket covers 100 m2 and wherever foot traffic, bicycle or car, our thaw grains can be used.


  • Very active granules - without salt components - so no rust and walk more
  • The delayed solution the material stays extra-long active even at lower temperatures
  • It is not harmful to the environment and safe for metals by the non-corroding properties
  • The biodegradability of the materials used in this product comply with Detergent Regulation (EC 648/2004)
  • Prevents refreezing the first 24 to 48 hours
  • Operates up to 5 to 6 times longer than road salt
  • Unlimited shelf life (store dry)
  • Effect immediately (due to grains develop direct heat on contact with snow and ice)
  • Absolutely safe on metal and all your flooring
  • Non-slip; squamous grain
  • Employed to -45 ° C
  • Packed in a sturdy, re-sealable plastic pail


  • Pavements as tiles, pavers, concrete slabs and asphalt
  • Ramps, driveways, loading docks, platforms
  • Can be used on snow and ice!

Instructions for use and dosage:

  • Pure, evenly on the substrate
  • Evenly sprinkle the surface with the hand or a spreader
  • Use our thaw grains prevention: prevent the freezing up of the first 24 to 48 hours!


Keep out of reach of children


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