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Plasti Dip spray paint

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Plasti Dip Rubber Paints

Plasti Dip is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating. Car enthusiasts are able to paint their cars all kinds of different colors. Plasti Dip car doesn't only have to be used on the body, it can be used on rims as well. Rubber paint for cars is a peelable, flexible, non-slip, insulating and durable rubber coating. 

How long does rubber paint last?

The key to making plasti dip spray paint last as long as possible, is to make sure the surface is clean and the number of rubber paint coats you spray on the surface. Rubber paint is very durable and won't lose its bond. 

Amount of plasti dip paint layers

Less is more? Not with plasti dip spray paint! More plasti dip coating increase durability and easier peel-off when you want something new. The suggested minimum is 4-5 coats.

Rubber paint is very durable

Plasti Dip resists all weather influences. A lot of rubber paint coat users dip their car wheels before winter's worst has a chance to eat away at the metal. Plasti dip paint can resist the following

  • UV rays
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Abrasive road salt
  • Temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius

Please note that rubber dip is a solvent-based coating and does not hold up well to gasoline. Always be careful when filling your gas tank. Thinner can damage plasti dip.

Remove Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip does peel off when desired. However, rubber paint might be hard to remove if the plasti dip paint layers are applied too thin. When layers of rubber dip are applied too thin, it will tear into several pieces as you try to peel it off. This can be really frustrating. Try to add another plasti dip coat (4 to 5 coats in total), the added strength will let you peel it all off in one piece. The more, the better.

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