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  1. Glue Sticks Set
    Glue Sticks Set
    €26.72 Retail price €35.00 Incl. VAT€32.33
  2. WPT6561 Set van 4 Nylon Beschermdoppen
    WPT-6561 Set of 4 Nylon Protective Caps
    €45.15 Retail price €56.00 Incl. VAT€54.63
  3. Lijmadapters set per 10 stuks
    Glue Adapters Set - 10 pieces
    €24.88 Retail price €32.40 Incl. VAT€30.10
  4. WPT Dent Puller / Brug Los WP6122
    WPT WP6122 Dent Puller, Bridge Loose
    €189.78 Retail price €236.00 Incl. VAT €229.63
  5. WPT Dent Combi Kit met Puller + Hammer Silver Edition (WP6180-SE)
    WPT WP6180-SE Dent Combi Kit With Puller and Hammer Silver Edition
    €410.07 Retail price €515.00 Incl. VAT €496.18
  6. WPT Dent Hammer Kit Silver Edition (WP6170-SE)
    WPT WP6170-SE Dent Hammer Kit Silver Edition
    €275.53 Retail price €345.00 Incl. VAT €333.39
  7. WPT Dent Puller Kit Silver Edition (WP6120-SE)
    WPT WP6120-SE Dent Puller Kit Silver Edition
    €275.53 Retail price €345.00 Incl. VAT €333.39
  8. WPT Dent Puller Intro Kit WP6110
    WPT WP6110 Dent Puller Intro Kit
    €216.55 Retail price €282.00 Incl. VAT €262.03
  9. WPT Dent Puller Standaard Kit WP6120
    WPT WP6120 Dent Puller Standard Kit
    €244.20 Retail price €318.00 Incl. VAT €295.48
  10. WPT Dent Puller Combi Kit WP6180
    WPT WP6180 Dent Puller Combination Kit
    €414.68 Retail price €540.00 Incl. VAT €501.76
  11. WPT Slagtrekker Intro Kit WP6160
    WPT WP6160 Hammer Puller Intro Kit
    €216.55 Retail price €282.00 Incl. VAT €262.03
  12. WPT Slagtrekker Standaard Kit WP6170
    WPT WP6170 Hammer Puller Standard Kit
    €253.41 Retail price €330.00 Incl. VAT €306.63

12 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Dent removing system Glue technique!

With the WPT Dent Puller Kits based from adhesive technique you can do without making large investments meet with the method Dentpulling without Spraying.

The WPT-adhesive technique-system works from above, this in contrast to the already longer on the market being Leverage Technique-systems, in which the dent is edited from the bottom.

When the glue-technique method, a special adapter into the dent is glued and then withdrawn metered with the aid of newly developed tools. The progress of your work you judge, just as with the lever technique, using reflection lines of MAGNUM Daylight Lamp.

Initially, the new method was intended to complement the lever technique method to also be able to repair from the inside out or poorly accessible dents. Most (mobile) dent removal dent removal technicians have now made the glue technique own method and apply it regularly increasing. However, it soon became clear that the new bonding technology method also is particularly suitable for companies that are not yet active in the field of Dental Removing without Spraying and now for example have all dent repairs, even the simple outsourcing.

One can see the glue technique methode as a step towards restoring self management of small damages:

  • The simple dents (by far the most common), it fixes itself with the easy to learn bonding technology.
  • The larger dents, which can only be repaired with leverage technology, it continues to outsource. At a later stage, when experience is constructed by bonding technology method, you can also consider to repair larger dents in-house. The threshold for successful application of the technique lever method is in fact then become much less the accumulated dent removing experience.
  • Finally, the activities in the field of minor damage can also be extended with other Smart Repair techniques.

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