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  1. MIPA 2K Blanke Lak Mat
    MIPA 2K Clear Coat Matt
    €19.53 Retail price €27.00
  2. MIPA CC4 2K VOC Blanke Lak in blik
    MIPA CC4 2K High Solid Clear Coat
    €14.95 Retail price €19.00
  3. MIPA CC6 2K Low-VOC Blanke Lak in blik
    MIPA CC6 2K Low-VOC Clear Coat
    €17.37 Retail price €21.00
  4. Lakpen autolak 12ml - op kleur gemaakt
    Paint-Pen Custom Made in Any Colour 20ml
    €14.95 Retail price €19.00
  5. Commandant M3 Polijstmiddel CM325 in blik - 250 gram
    Commandant M3 Polish CM325 in can - 250g
    €7.99 Retail price €11.49
  6. ANGELWAX Regenerate Polijstmiddel (Medium)
    ANGELWAX Regenerate Polijstmiddel - Medium
    €18.49 Retail price €22.85
  7. ANGELWAX Redemption Polijstmiddel (Fine)
    ANGELWAX Redemption Polijstmiddel - Fijn
    €17.99 Retail price €21.90
  8. Commandant 3 Rubbing Compound Polijstpasta Grof
    Commandant 5 Car Polish C55A
    €6.60 Retail price €11.49
    1K Car Lacquer in Aerosol
    €14.90 Retail price €24.00

Items 1-24 of 65

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Paint defects repair-products for the perfect correcting of errors, sags and dust in paints and car paints.

Exclusive at CROP, the exclusive paintfile and paintslicer for removing dust and sags in the paint and carpaint!

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