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RHICOL PUR-1077 2K Pur-Adhesive for Plastic Repair

RHICOL PUR-1077 2K Pur-Adhesive for Plastic Repair
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SKU 5110321
Colour Zwart
Brand Imbema Rhiwa
Contents 50 ml.
Packaging per stuk
Category Plastic Repair


RHICOL PUR-1077 is a 2-component pur-glue and sealant based on polyurethane, which cures at room temperature and can be accelerated by increasing the temperature by means of an infrared heater or a heated fix installation.

This 2-component kit pur-glue and is characterized by a broad scope as well as by the excellent adhesion properties and hard-elastic structure, after the applied layer is cured.

Even with a thin film thickness, a rapid curing will be achieved after which the product can be post-processed within a short time. Sanding, drilling, filing, etc. is possible after complete curing!

Some characteristics of the RHICOL PUR-1077 2- component pur-glue:

  • RHICOL PUR-1077 adheres to many surfaces including almost all plastics like PP / EPDM / SMC / PUR / ABS / PC / PA and even on TPO
  • TPO has been the most widely used and is made mainly of a mixture of different plastics. This makes it the most difficult to repair plastic
  • With RHICOL system consisting of the RHICOL PUR-1077 and specifically developed for the plastic repair primer RHICOL TPO-1307 achieved excellent results
  • For bonding of metals, this PU kit also appropriate if there is a hard-elastic bonding. For a rigid, hard bonding such as (transfer sheet metal), we refer to the 2K sealant RHICOL EPA 3085
  • Epoxy bonding are virtually less elastic and are unable to absorb movements
  • The special RHICOL mixing tips must be ordered separately

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Rhicol PUR-1077 2K purlijm voor kunststofreparatie in duokoker
RHICOL PUR-1077 2K Pur-Adhesive for Plastic Repair
Primer voor de EASY SEAM Nadenkit
Primer for IM-PRO 2K PU Plastic Kit in 200ml Aerosol
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