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Hand Cleansers

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  1. FINIXA Hand Cleaner
    FINIXA Hand Cleaner
    €25.53 €21.10 Retail price €31.45
  2. Sanicur Hand Cleangel 250ml - Hand Sanitizer Gel
    Sanicur Hand Cleangel 250ml - Hand Sanitizer Gel
    €5.92 €4.89 Retail price €8.46
  3. 3M Paint, Sealers & Adhesive Hand Cleaner
    3M Paint, Sealers & Adhesive Hand Cleaner
    €7.87 €6.50 Retail price €10.02
  4. 3M 50801 Hand Soap for Oil & Grease - 1,4 liter
    3M 50801 Hand Soap for Oil & Grease - 1,4 liter
    €21.16 €17.49 Retail price €26.60
  5. Scrubs
    FINIXA Impregnated Cleaning Towels SCR-100
    €17.47 €14.44 Retail price €23.29
  6. COLAD Hand Cleaner Handreiniger 300ml fles
    COLAD Hand Cleaner 300ml Bottle
    €5.87 €4.85 Retail price €7.26
  7. COLAD Skin Care Cream
    COLAD Skin Care Cream 250ml
    €8.19 €6.77 Retail price €10.29
  8. Stoko Hair & Body douchegel in tube
    STOKO Hair & Body Shower Gel in Tube
    €7.96 €6.58 Retail price €10.35
  9. Stoko Emulsion huidbeschermingslotion
    STOKO Emulsion Skin Protection Lotion
    €10.31 €8.52 Retail price €16.15
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Hand Care

If you get dirty - we will get you clean! An extensive range of hand care products including a variety of hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes and hand cream. Top brand products allow you to remove oil and grease and protect hard working hands from becoming chapped and dry. It also offers some 3-step hand care systems for your workplace, to protect, clean and sanitise the skin without the need for running water.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer Gel is designed to kill nasty bacteria and prevent the unwanted spread of diseases. Containing glycerine, with added antibacterial properties, this hand sanitiser will leave your hands dry, clean and protected. There is no more effective way to keep your hands bacteria free when you are on the go than using superdrug hand sanitiser. The alcohol gel hand sanitizer works quickly and easily, has a quick-drying formula and high alcohol content. This keeps your hands clean and kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds.

Colad Hand Cleaner

Extremely powerful hand cleaner with natural scrubbing particles. Ideal for quickly cleaning of extreme soiling. It’s unique product formulation easily removes stubborn soiling like paint, ink, resins, silicones, adhesives and sealants. Cleans and cares, prevents skin irritation. Natural scrubbing particles.

Hand Protection Cream

Tough environments require tough soaps. The soils found in most industrial settings are different than most people face on a daily basis, which we stock a complete line hand cleaners for the industrial and automotive market.

Impregnated Cleaning Cloths

Scrubs impregnated cleaning cloths in dispenser bucket. Polypropylene cloth impregnated with a cleaner suitable for removal of solvent-based paints, ink, grease oil, wax etc. Very suitable for places where there is no washing facility. Dust will stick to the cloth so will not go into the atmosphere and return to the surface.

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