Floor protection

Protect your spray booth floor

Your spray booth is precious asset, at all times you want to keep it in top condition. This not only ensures a longer life of your spray booth, but it also provides a better spray result. Besides that you already provide maintenance on the walls and ceiling, it is also important to ensure optimum protection of the floor of your spray booth. CROP offers a complete range of products for floor protection of your spray booth.

Non-slip foil for your spray booth

A non-slip floor protection foil is a protection for your floor that should not be missing in your spray booth. The foil is specially designed for proper floor protection from damage, contamination, paint and spray mist. The protective foil has a non-slip security. Because of this, it prevents slipping during your work and there will be no accidents.

Floor protector for your spray booth

Our floor protector is extra strong and high quality which is provided with a PE coating on both sides. Therefore, it is strong enough to protect the floor of your spray booth. This floor protector also provides a fresh and clean look of your spray booth.

Colad Film4Floor

The exclusive Colad Film4Floor is also an option for the protection of spray booth floors. This protective foil is a white self-adhesive reflective foil that keeps the floor clean. Thanks to its reflective properties this protection foil provides higher light output in your spray booth.

Spray booth floor coating

If you prefer no foil or floor protector, we recommend a special floor coating for your spray booth. This special coating is thick and peelable which has a matt white appearance. This makes your spray booth look like new! This floor coating features a non-slip texture which prevents slipping during spraying or while carrying parts. Do not forget to thoroughly clean your spray booth twice a year and to provide a new floor coating. This allows you keep the spray booth clean, dust-free and safe for you and your employees.

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