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  1. Andrea Filter Folding Carton
    Andrea Filter Folding Carton
    €57.00 Retail price €98.00
  2. Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll / 30 Mtr
    Paintstop Stop Filter on Roll / 30 Mtr
    €41.38 Retail price €54.00
  3. Ceiling Filter 600G per m2
    Ceiling Filter 600G per m2
    €21.89 Retail price €29.00
  4. For-Filters CR15500S
    For-Filters CR15500S
    €11.59 Retail price €16.00
  5. For-Filters CRB 290S
    For-Filters CRB 290S
    €9.01 Retail price €12.00
  6. Wireframe Filters EU-3
    Wireframe Filters EU-3
    €9.27 Retail price €13.00
  7. Synthetic Filter Bag G4
    Synthetic Filter Bag G4
    €19.57 Retail price €26.00
  8. Cassette Air-Filter G4
    Cassette Air-Filter G4
    €14.42 Retail price €19.00

18 Items

12 24

Spray booth filters for clean air

Filters for your spray booth filter pollution from the air in your spray booth or spray area. Spray booth filters contribute to a healthy workers' welfare and also provide a good spray result. At CROP you always choose the right filter for your spray booth or aspiration wall.

Choose the right spray booth filter supplies various filters for your spray booth: paintstop paint mist filters, ceiling filters, andrea filters, wire frame filters and bag filters. Each with its own function. You also can order custom-made filters, so your filter is custom cut and fits into your spray booth or aspiration wall.

Paintstop paint mist filter

This filter is specially designed for the extraction of paint mist in your spray booth and aspiration wall. The fibrous material of the paint stop filter has an open and progressive structure that creates a powerful suction of paint mist. This spray booth filter is also made of inflammable fiberglass material which is essential in the spray booth.

Ceiling filters

Ceiling filters are special filters for the ceiling of your spray booth. Spray booth ceiling filters provide the filtering of air in the spray booth. In order to prevent that the filtered dust particles vibrate through the filter and damage the paint, the ceiling filter is processed with a so-called "dust binder". As long as the dust binding agent is not saturated, the filter medium holds any kind of granular substance (including sanding dust).

Andrea filters

Andrea filter is a fire-extinguishing paper zigzag filter with powerful filtering. This filter includes circular openings that provide a perfect separation of paint mist in spray walls. In addition, the paint particles are charged air and change direction at least 4 times. By the centrifugal force generated thereby, adhesive particles settles themselves.

Professional quality spray booth filters

Our spray booth filters are professionally designed and manufactured making them suitable for professional purposes. Because we continuously strive for the best quality, it is also possible at CROP to order custom cut filters so that you have the right size filter for your spray booth.

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