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Sanding Rolls

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Sanding Rolls

Abrasive rolls provide dependable finish and endurance. The sanding rolls are easy to work with and tear cleanly. Sanding rolls can be easily cut into any length. Load resistance keeps the abrasive particles exposed, to maintain a consistent cut rate. Suitable for hand use or dual pad rubbing machines. Abrasive rolls are an economical choice for large sanding jobs.

Sanding curved surfaces

Sanding rolls are often used for sanding round and curved surfaces. The sandpaper is flexible and can be easily used when sanding by hand. This gives you good control when sanding round and hollow surfaces.

Paper or Cloth Abrasive Rolls?

Choosing a paper roll or abrasive cloth roll goes hand in hand with how flexible and resistant to tearing it needs to be.

Abrasive Paper Roll

Choose a lightweight paper roll for more flexible work. Please be reminded that paper rolls with a heavier weight are stronger and less likely to tear.

Cloth Abrasive Roll

A cloth abrasive roll gives great flexibility and durability offering resistance to tearing. A cut-to-fit roll stock provides uniform finishing, blending, polishing, contour finishing, and cleaning.

Colad Scuff Rolls

Scuff rolls are made of non-woven material and can be used for both wet and dry hand scuffing as well as with a sanding machine. Type S Ultra Fine (Grey) is particularly effective for the roughening between coats when using 2-component paints and car primers. The material is flexible and follows the shape of the working surface.

3M Scotch Brite Clean and Finish Roll

3M Scotch-Brite Clean and Finish Roll delivers consistent results for finishing, blending, polishing, and cleaning on a variety of metals, wood, plastics surfaces as well as hard-to-reach areas. The roll stock can be easily cut to any length. Clean and Finish roll stock provides consistent surface conditioning for the life of the product.

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