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Sanding Discs

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Abrasive Discs

Sanding discs come in a multitude of options. Sanding pads typically have a hook and loop system. Other pads may feature an adhesive backing. The abrasive grit size on sanding discs relates to the size of grit particle on the pad. This value directly relates to how aggressive the sanding will be when it is used. Start by choosing the right sandpaper grit and type. Keep in mind: The higher the number, the smaller the grains and the finer the sandpaper grit. Lower numbers indicate larger grains and overall coarser sandpaper.

  • Select the right size of sandpaper grit
  • Choose the appropriate coarseness
  • Consider the best type of grit to choose
  • Find the right tool (machine sanding or manual sanding systems)

Sanding disc grit materials vary but typically feature glass, metal or ceramic particles. Start by choosing the right sandpaper grit and type.

Mirka Sanding Discs

Sanding dust is a major health problem in many industrial sectors since dust from paint, lacquers and hard wood can contain a lot of harmful particles. Mirka has solved the dust problem and has developed a patented Net Sanding technology. 

Multihole Sanding Discs

Multihole abrasive discs allow the sander to suck away dust and throw it in the dust collection bag. If there is no dust extraction, dust will get trapped under the sander disc and keep it from sanding efficiently.

Hook and Loop Abrasive Discs

When it comes to orbital sanders, hook and loop sanding discs have become common and are frequently used. Hook and loop sanding discs have largely replaced older adhesive discs. Hook and loop sanding discs have many advantages:

  • It’s much faster to change hook and loop sanding discs on a sander
  • Older styles of sanding discs could be prone to failing
  • Hook and loops sanding discs are available in all grits
  • The increased price is more than offset by the convenience of use
  • You can buy hook and loop sanding discs with or without holes
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