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Hamach Abrasives

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Hamach Automotive Abrasives

Hamach sanding solutions turn the roughest surfaces into the smoothest finish! Abrasive materials combined with machine tools and mobile dust extraction to help you get the most out of your expertise.

Hamach Sanding Rolls

Hamach abrasive rolls provide dependable finish and endurance. The sanding rolls are easy to work with and tear cleanly. Sanding rolls can be easily cut into any length. Load resistance keeps the abrasive particles exposed, to maintain a consistent cut rate. Suitable for hand use or dual pad rubbing machines. Abrasive rolls are an economical choice for large sanding jobs.

Hamach Delta Sanding Sheets

Hamach delta sandpaper has a triangle shape and is used on Delta sanders. Triangle sandpaper is ideal for sanding doors, window frames, tables, chairs and other furniture. Perfect for hard-to-reach areas. The sheets are perforated for dust extraction and use a hook and loop system.

Hamach Sanding Sheets

Hamach abrasive strips can be used for many different applications on various materials. Sanding strips are available in:

  • 70x125mm
  • 70x198mm
  • 70x420mm
  • 80x133mm
  • 80x153mm
  • 80x230mm
  • 115x230mm
  • 150x280mm
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