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Finixa Abrasives

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Finixa Automotive Abrasives

Based on their experience in the professional body shop and in cooperation with several paint manufacturers, Finixa developed a complete program of abrasives adapted to the latest technology in car refinishing. 

Finixa Scuff Rolls

Scuff rolls are made of non-woven material and can be used for both wet and dry hand scuffing as well as with a sanding machine. SBR20 Ultra Fine (Grey) is particularly effective for the roughening between coats when using 2-component paints and car primers. The material is flexible and follows the shape of the working surface.

  • SBR10 very fine P360
  • SBR20 ultra fine P1500
  • SBR30 micro fine P2000

Finixa SPDA Sanding Discs

With Finixa abrasives, one does not only get a complete program in different shapes to be used by hand or with a sander, but a cost effective product that is fast, sharp and long-lasting on any modern application. Some features are:

  • Uniformed orientation of the grit on the backing, insuring the sharpest point of the grit is making contact with the surface increasing the sharpness and speed during sanding.
  • Stearate hot melted coating avoiding clogging of dust particles into the abrasive making the paper long lasting.
  • Blue fired aluminium oxide grit partly enriched with diamond based powder, increasing the durability.
  • Double glued layer of the grit avoiding detachment of the grit.
  • Creates a paintable and even finish

Finixa Flat Foam Pads

Finixa Foam Sanding Pads are highly flexible sanding pads for hand sanding. Can be used for wet or dry sanding to sand parts that machines cannot reach. Matting becomes an easy, comfortable job with this foam backing pad. The sanding grit is no longer applied on a paper backing but directly glued into the foam. The result is astonishing: faster matting than with traditional scuff rolls solutions, finer than with foam backing abrasives, more flexibility to get access to the smallest corners and water absorbing!

Finixa Foam Backing Abrasive

Finixa soft flex roll are a sponge backed abrasive pad designed for comfortable hand sanding. It is a light, flexible latex paper recommended for both dry and wet hand sanding.

Finixa Waterproof Sheets

Waterproof abrasive paper is one of the leading products of any workshop. Waterproof uses a latex impregnated paper as a backing material and extra durable grit binding to prevent disintegration of the paper even during prolonged use. The silicone carbide grit used on the paper is fast cutting and very resistant to clogging (when used with water). 

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