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3M Abrasives

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3M Automotive Abrasives

Workshops and garages need the best abrasives available to assist with construction to maintenance. 3M offers a full line of abrasives to fit your needs.

3M Hookit Abrasive Disc

3M Hookit Abrasive Discs reduce airborne dust for a superior cut and less loading. 15 hole abrasive discs 255P+ have upgraded aluminium oxide for advanced performance, and improved dust extraction to achieve a better cut and less loading.

3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Sheets

3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Sheet Delta provides an aggressive cut with a fine finish. The special free cut anti loading coating in combination with a ceramic blend and 7 holes for excellent dust extraction means extended product life.

3M Hookit Flexible Abrasive Foam Disc

3M Hookit Flexible Abrasive Foam Disc combines a flexible aluminium oxide abrasive with a soft foam to create a high performing, versatile blending abrasive. Hundreds of laser perforated holes mean excellent dust and water control when used wet or dry creating a clean sanding environment.

3M Cubitron II Hookit Purple Abrasives

3M Hookit Purple+ Abrasive Disc is a triangular shaped grain and multi-hole pattern abrasive disc ideal for paint removal, rough body filler shaping, fine feather-edging and final prep before blending or priming. Get 30% faster cutting compared to other premium abrasives. 

3M Scotch Brite Sanding Discs

3M Scotch-Brite Sanding discs are well-known because of Scotch-Brite. These discs are non-woven nylon web impregnated with grit. The discs have a velcro attachment, making it suitable for use on 150mm sanders. They have been specially developed to matt all surfaces.

3M Trizact Clear Coat Sanding Discs

3M Trizact 471LA sanding disc has a foam layer and microreplication technology, the sanding minerals are evenly distributed over the surface. This creates a sanding result with a smooth matt finish. 3M Trizact 471LA abrasive disc P1500 is the best sandpaper for sanding and matting clear coat. By mattifying the clear coat of the car, you remove deep scratches and user traces. Don't forget to use water or a degreaser.

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