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Paint Brushes & Rollers

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Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers

When it comes to painting, there are a few things you’ll definitely need before you can get started. So, once you’ve decided on the colour - be sure to check out our selection of paint brushes and paint rollers so you can achieve a great-looking, professional finish.

Paint Brushes

When choosing a paint brush or paint roller, consider the type of job you want to do and the paint you'll be using. There's also bristle type to think about if you're brush painting. 

  • Round paint brush - ideal for painting windows or cutting in or round curved objects with any type of paint
  • Radiator paint brush - great for hard-to-reach areas
  • Masonry paint brush - perfect for block work or rough-cast dashing
  • Angle sash paint brush - ideal for cutting in corners and hard-to-reach areas
  • Shed and fence paint brush - great for holding a lot of paint and covering large areas

Paint Rollers

A paint roller brush is comprised of a frame and sleeve. The sleeve absorbs the paint and transfers it evenly to the wall, floor, ceiling or any other surface. They are usually removable so that they can be cleaned or replaced. Paint rollers are available in a variety of widths to suit the size of area to be painted. Sleeves are available with different thicknesses of pile depending on the roughness of the surface being painted. The rougher the surface, the longer the pile that is required. There are 3 types of paint rollers

  • Short pile paint roller brush - for fine and flat surfaces
  • Medium pile paint roller brush- for smooth surfaces (but can be used on most walls)
  • Long pile paint roller brush - for very textured surfaces

Paint trays

Paint trays can be used for rolling your paint roller down the slope of the tray to load, then lift it out and reroll in the rake. This will cut down on splatter and drips and help with coverage.

Paint extension poles

Most paint roller extension poles are lightweight and reduce the amount of physical labour need to paint your walls and ceilings. Roller extension poles makes painting with a paint roller as easy as possible.

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