Sili-Mask masking paper (silicone)

Masking paper SILI-MASK is an extra strong and heavy type of masking paper for the most demanding professional!

Masking paper SILI-MASK Glossy Silicone is on two-sides provided with a special gloss coating which guarantees the resistant  of lacquers that want to come through (such as varnish and water-based paints).

This SILI-MASK masking paper has a higher heat resistance (for example, powder coatings and stoving) than all other types of masking paper and thanks to the extra heavy grade of 65 g / m 2 also suitable for vertical applications.

Features SILI-MASK masking paper:

  • A masking paper for the masking of all kinds of surfaces.
  • Resistant against oven temperatures (powder coatings and stoving).
  • Guaranteed adhesion and certainly no leakage of any kind of paint.
  • Super Dense pores, lint-free; The paper is 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • Environmentally friendly and anti-static; - The paper is recyclable.
  • Applicable eg: car repair, car body construction, industry, yacht building, interior, repainting and packing operations.
  • Extra strong quality 65 gram of paper.
  • Height guaranteed 220 meters per roll. Available in all popular sizes: 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm.
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