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10 Items

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Don't cut yourself!

Stanley knives and foil cutters for safe, fast and effortless cutting of foil, masking paper and other materials. Covering and masking a car or truck is always an annoying, critical and long-term job. It is important that you work with good quality products, making these activities less difficult. At you can find an extensive range of blades for a competitive price.

Stanley knives

Stanley knives are the most used tool in any warehouse or workshop. Every employee has a stanley knife in his pocket. This differs from a large stanley knife to a small one. Besides the size, there is also a wide choice of materials. These exist of metal but also the traditional red ones. Are you looking for spare blades? You can purchase these replacement blades at CROP.

Foil cutters

Exclusive at CROP you can buy specially manufactured foil cutters and electric foil scissors. These blades are for safe cutting of covering film without damaging the paint or injuring yourself. These masking blades are used in car repair businesses for covering and masking of a car.

Window scrapers

Window scrapers for removing paint, resin and glue of windscreens. Our scrapers are retractable which makes them safe in your pocket. These scrapers will not leave scratches on your windscreen! In addition to the standard plastic scrapers, you can also buy metal scrapers. In addition, we sell loose spare blades in case your scraper becomes blunt.

These window scrapers are also ideal for house painters. During the painting of frames you can’t escape paint on the windows. Our scrapers are ideal for removing paint from windows.

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