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Epoxy resin

Polyester epoxy resin is often used in combination with a fibreglass mat. This 2K resin is suitable for sealing holes in steel, aluminum, concrete, polyester and wood. Epoxy resin is an elastic resin resistant to chemicals, gasoline and heavy weather conditions. Because this resin is also resistant to lakes and water, it is also ideal for sealing holes in your boat.

Epoxy resin for wood

Epoxy resin in combination with wood, with or without fiberglass, is a great combination. With a clear epoxy resin, the color and structure of the wood will remain visible and will have a luxurious appearance. An important reason for processing a wooden boat with an epoxy resin is that the natural beauty of wood is visible both inside and outside of the trunk. Also, the gluing of wood is ideal with this resin. Epoxy resin in combination with a glass fabric is widely used in the construction of wooden boats.

Polyester resin for cracks and holes

The polyester resin in combination with fibreglass, provides a strong, impact resistant and hard-wearing product. This makes the resin ideally suited for repairing car bumpers, spoilers, sideskirts, scooter caps, works of art, roof gutters, etc. This makes it easy to repair tears and holes due to rust and damage. Also, this resin can be finished with polyester 2K filler and can be sanded after 40 minutes. Polyether resin is suitable for products where the shape is important. The polyester with fibreglass plays a role in creating objects, using a mold.

Fibreglass mats for polyester resin

Fiberglass mats are essential when repairing (large) holes. These fiber optic mats serve as reinforcing material when processing polyester resin. The polyester resin provides the design and maintenance of the mats. This allows to achieve a strong and rigid construction with a relatively low weight.

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